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Rennie Harris Puremovement Works

RHPM Dance Company


RHPM's signature "Repertory Program" showcases a vibrant collective of classic work from the past twenty years including; P-Funk" (1992), focuses on the individuality and group dynamics of Harris' athletic male dancers; "March of the Antmen" (1992), a reflective and timely politically charged work that draws upon the tone and aura of an original musical score created by Harris' friend Dru Minyard whose life and death inspired the piece; and "Continuum" (1997), a dazzling cipher that showcases the breathtaking virtuosity of Harris and his company and "Students of the Asphalt Jungle" a hallmark of Hip hop dance vocabulary which has [for Hip hop] been handed down through spirit and instinct. RHPM's Repertory program also includes "Something to do with Love Vol. I" which is the first installment of a three part flirty, infectious romp set to the timeless rhythms of Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone.

RHPM Dance Company

Facing Mekka

"Facing Mekka" weaves a landscape of music, movement, rhythm, sound and images that fuse together elements of African and hip hop cultures. Facing Mekka is an epic journey through world cultures and its landscape composed through movement and music of people across the globe. It is an international celebration through Hip hop with a variety of rhythmic expressions and is ultimately an expedition to find the commonalties culture surveyed through the language of hip hop dance.

RHPM Dance Company


Described by Harris as his most ambitious and intricate work of his career, "Heaven: A B-Girl Ballet" showcases a production platform and cultural impact rarely highlighted within the Hip hop dance theater arena. Heaven employs Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring." The re-fashioning of this celebrated dance classic allows Harris to challenge the possibilities of Hip hop theatre, his own artistic merit and credit the role of women in Hip hop dance. This collaborative love story utilizes women and the breaking movement vocabulary which is one of the most physical, athletic and masculine forms.