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“The Basquiat of the US. Contemporary dance scene,” Lorenzo Rennie Harris has literally embodied the history of hip-hop dance.
~London Times

“Harris, age fifty, is the most respected— and, to my knowledge, the most brilliant—hip-hop choreographer in America.”
~The New Yorker 2014

“Harris the most profound choreographer of his idiom”
~New York Times 2015

“Rennie Harris’s Exodus, a 21st-century version of Revelations, a spiritual journey of suffering and redemption reinvented for the hip-hop generation.”
~The Guardian (Sadler’s Wells London)
Lorenzo Rennie Harris has brought these "social" dances to the "concert" stage, Rennie Harris and his company Rennie Harris Puremovement are known internationally for creating a cohesive dance style that finds a cogent voice in the theater. Considered the pioneer of “Street Dance” Theater, at the turn of the century alongside Princess Grace Kelly and Dr. Julius Erving, Harris was voted one of the most influential people in the last one hundred years of Philadelphia history. He’s been compared to twentieth-century dance legends, Alvin Ailey and Bob Fosse. Awarded 3 Bessie Awards, 3 Alvin Ailey Black Choreographers Awards, an Ethnic Dance Award, the Herb Alpert Award in the Arts for choreography as well as nominated for a Lawrence Olivier Award (UK). He received a “Philadelphia Rocky” award, Governors Artist of the year Award and the USA artist award for choreography, and voted one of Philadelphia’s Creative Ambassadors in 2010. He also received two honorary doctorates in the Arts and Humanities from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and the other in the Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago, Il. Rennie Harris Puremovement. Rennie Harris also toured the middle east such as Eygpt, Jordan, Palenstine and surrounding countries as 1 of 4 Ambassadors for the United States as part of President Obama’s cultural exchange program Dance Motion USA, which was lead by former Secretary of the State Hilary Clinton. He and his company Rennie Harris Puremovement and their infectious brand of movement have pioneered a new genre Hip-hop/Street Dance Theater. Dr. Lorenzo "Rennie" Harris is atop the hip-hop heap - its leading ambassador



The latest repertory work of Rennie Harris Puremovement. Pushing the boundaries of street dance vocabulary this acclaimed work forces the audience to view Hip-hop through a different lens, challenging what they think they know as Hip-hop dance and culture. Rennie Harris Funkedified currently under creation is a multi-media work that celebrates funk music and street dance of the 1970’s and is set against the landscape of a video montage of African American communities of that era. Inspired by the political turmoil and atmosphere of Rennie Harris’ childhood Rennie Harris Funkedified will feature a live funk band who will highlight a unique funk sound as well as pay homage to the music of such funk legends such as James Brown, George Clinton and Roger to name a few.  Funkedfied will not only feature dancers from Rennie Harris Puremovement but one of the most seminal Locking groups since Don Campbell and The Campbell Lock Dancers- “The Hood Lockers” internationally known, each Hood Locker immolates the very essence of Don Campbell and The Campbell Lock Dancers. Their unique brand of dance will confirm the political, economic and social state of the 1970’s


Recently premiered Dance Place Theater in Washington DC is an evening length gospel house work featuring a live choir. Harris addresses with the topic of morality, spirituality and community through his newest work. Lifted is based on the organic spiritual tapestry of House music and dance which is often referred to as going to “church.” Joshua the main character has lost his parents and is sent to live with his uncle and aunt.  Missing his parents Joshua rebels against his uncle and aunt who forces him to goto church with the hope of giving him guidance and comfort in his time of mourning. Eventually Joshua gets involved with a band of pick pockets (B-boys) and becomes intrigued. Joshua decides to join the crew but, in order to be down he is coerced into robbing the church.
LIFTED Creation Promo

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